501 C(3) & 501 C(4) Climate Change Youth Engagement Program

Brass Tactics has worked with Defend Our Future, a project of the Environmental Defense Fund, since 2015, with the goal of increasing millennial action on climate change. Our challenge was to move young people beyond passive support for climate action to become active, consistent participants in the fight for environmental justice. This multi-year program has resulted in 120,000 young people taking action, nearly 100 educational and earned media events and 400 students participating in an internship program.  Read More

Our program started with asking students on a few college campuses to commit to making one or two small changes, such as switching to reusable water bottles or taking public transportation. However, the program has grown and developed to connect and engage millennials with their elected officials, and now exists across 12 campuses in five different states.

In 2016, Defend Our Future transitioned from asking students to take small actions to fight climate change to a program aimed at increasing millennial voter engagement and turnout in the battleground states of Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The program focused on not only engaging college students around the issue of climate change but also asking them to commit to cast a ballot for candidates making climate action a priority. Our 501 c(3) and 501 c(4) programs asked students to commit to vote as climate change advocates, rather than for a specific party or candidate. Brass Tactics used VAN to manage this database of activated students. Our work also included creating the framework for collected information to be recorded, providing trainings for Defend Our Future staff and volunteers on how to use the database, and creating and managing detailed reports for clients and staff. Additionally, Brass Tactics and Defend Our Future partnered with academic researchers to conduct two experiments on the turnout effects of the pledge to vote program. The results showed that pledge cards helped increase voting with young people who were voting for the first time.

After the 2016 elections, Brass Tactics has continued to work with Defend Our Future by organizing students to take action on their campuses and in their communities to defend climate action and environmental protections. We have focused on building on the successes of the program by adding opportunities for participants to learn about how the legislative process works and how they can advocate for action every day.

Since January 2017, Brass Tactics has successfully engaged an additional 25,000 students in the program. This includes calling and visiting members of Congress, writing letters to the editor, speaking to their classrooms and at campus and community events, and holding creative earned media and educational events that connect climate change to aspects of everyday life such as “Defend Our Beer,” “Defend Our Coffee,” “Defend Our Bees,” and “Defend Our Ice Cream.”  Read Less

Enrolling Hard-To-Reach Communities in Healthcare Coverage

With the onset of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) open enrollment period in 2013, Planned Parenthood (PPFA) had an opportunity to help expand access to care for a large portion of their clients, which include uninsured individuals and families. Brass Tactics built an aggressive outreach campaign to engage these consumers in hard-to-reach communities, assisting them with applications for financial assistance and connecting them to PPFA’s local resources. From 2013 – 2015, our enrollment work helped over 6,500 people complete applications for assistance, most of whom ultimately selected and purchased healthcare coverage.  Read More

Our field teams encountered a gap in awareness and education about the ACA with these consumers and skepticism around the ACA’s benefits presented further challenges. Teams of organizers deployed to neighborhoods, businesses, community events and public spaces, providing informal application assistance directly with consumers wherever they could. Organizers used their own personal stories to overcome the barriers created by skepticism and lack of information to quickly build relationships with consumers and assist them with completing a complicated application for financial assistance. With aggressive performance metrics and in-depth trainings, our teams surpassed other regions around the country under tighter time constraints.

We also worked with Access Healthcare, the state of Connecticut’s healthcare exchange, during the first ACA open enrollment period. Brass Tactics was hired to train and manage their outreach and enrollment teams across the state. At the conclusion of the first open enrollment period, Connecticut was lauded as one of the most successful state exchanges.

In addition to PPFA and Access Healthcare, Brass Tactics worked with a corporate hospital association for two separate enrollment periods, with staff on the ground over the two years in Austin, Atlanta, Cleveland, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Richmond, and San Antonio. We used program data to produce daily analysis of the program to identify successful techniques for engaging hard-to-reach uninsured consumers, and illustrate corollary patterns between uninsured patient visits and insurance enrollment. The program provided the client with the tools to forecast the impact of future direct outreach actions in similar markets. It also highlighted the value of direct consumer outreach as the company worked to reduce the number of uninsured patients visiting its facilities.  Read Less

Protect Progress on Climate Events

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, a coalition of progressive advocacy organizations wanted to create a program to resist attempts to rollback climate action and public health safeguards. Brass Tactics created and managed a year-long campaign that organized 47 events across 11 states, partnered with 80 groups, and generated more than 100 media clips.  Read More

This program elevated national and local voices and organizations. Most importantly, it created a steady drumbeat of activity and media coverage that kept climate change, clean energy, and clean air protections front and center in a competitive media landscape.

Working with this coalition and our partners, Brass Tactics led the development, implementation, and management of an aggressive advocacy campaign designed to affect public opinion via earned media and galvanize grassroots organizations. We partnered with consultants in targeted states, staff in Washington, D.C. and across the country to coordinate press events with stakeholders, teach volunteers how to take actions to engage elected officials, build partnerships with local advocacy organizations, and develop local messaging.  Read Less